Saturday, February 2, 2019

Time Marches On

It's 5 am and my alarm will be sounding in just a few more minutes.  Ryan woke up tonight just after midnight and hasn't been back to sleep.  I don't know what is bothering him.  I've tried to rest in between visits to his room, but my mind has been racing.

Many of you have seen pictures or videos of the great things that Ryan is doing at and because of TEAMability.  You might not know, however, that they are a non-profit organization that provides services to about 45 children like Ryan who have multiple severe disabilities.  These services are all provided without any financial burden to the families.  There is no place I've ever seen or heard of like TEAMability, which explains why there's a long waitlist of children who need their services.

I wish you all could come with us for a session and take a tour of TEAMability.  It is one of the most joyful places you'll ever be.  When we started attending TEAMability five years ago, Ryan struggled to hold his head up, kept his hands together at his chest, and was unable to move his legs.   Today, Ryan holds his head up most of the time (and pushes it down when he's refusing an activity), plays with both hands, can grip and move toys, and loves to kick balls with his legs.

One of my favorite things about TEAMability is that they celebrate EVERY success with each child.  When Ryan is learning a new skill, his team cheers for the slightest muscle twitch that shows he's trying to do it.  When Ryan lifted his leg and kicked the soccer ball, the entire room erupted in cheers. 

In March, TEAMability will be having it's annual fundraising gala.  If I could have 3 wishes, they would be:

1) That I could buy enough tables at the gala to have all of our friends and family there to support TEAMability.

2) That each child on the waitlist could experience the joy of TEAMability.

3) That TEAMability could get their dream building so that they could grow and continue to provide the best services for children like Ryan.

This year, our family was selected to be the Ruth Palmer Davis Family of the Year by TEAMability.  We are truly honored and humbled by this opportunity.  It has caused me to reflect on all of the people I would like to honor -- people who have blessed our lives.  Tonight I have been thinking of friends, leaders, receptionists, nurses, doctors, therapists, neighbors, teachers, children, and even some strangers.  My mind has literally been flooded with flashes of memories of so many, many blessings.

I wish I could buy multiple tables at their annual fundraising gala and invite EVERYONE who has blessed our lives and helped us to be successful in this marathon endeavor. 

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