Monday, October 20, 2008


On October 20th we took Ryan to see an Ophthalmologist as Dr. Rhame suggested. His eyes do not seem to move together, nor does he track anything. He doesn't seem to respond visually to any stimulus, and I'm not sure if his little pupils even dilate like they should. Dr. Rhame suggested we have him see Dr. Lina Marouf of Retina Associates of South Texas.

They used some drops to dilate his eyes. Then with Dwight holding him on his lap, they propped his eyes open with some torture-looking devices. Apparently, they poked at his eyes a bunch. It only lasted for probably less than 1 minute. Ryan, of course, cried through the whole thing. I was thankful that I didn't have to hold him. It's hard to watch people do things like that to your children, even when you know it's to ultimately help them.

Anyway ... the diagnosis was good. His retinas are correctly formed. This doesn't, however, tell us anything about his vision. Dr. Marouf referred us to Dr Zwaan or Dr McCash for further review. How can one test an infant's vision? Hmm....

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