Monday, December 15, 2008

Not every Saturday is as crazy and busy as my last Saturday. It's just that I'm about 2 weeks behind ... oh, maybe more ... and so I'm constantly trying to catch up. At what point do I get to just "file bankruptcy" on all the things I need to catch up on? :)

Baby steps though, right? So, tonight my baby step was to move all the photos from my camera and update my blog. Are you ready???

First, an update on my arm... it's healing really well. I can now move my wrist about 30 degrees up and down, and about 15 degrees to either side. A lot more work to do in that area, but the incision looks good, see:
More to come...

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TeriLyn said...

Did I miss something on your blog? What happened to your arm??

P.S. Will you email me your address when you have a chance...I might still get out holiday cards this year!