Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Before my chemo treatment today I met with the Oncologist. He was warm and friendly today. He's always professional and nice, but he was warmer today than usual. I liked it. Things are looking encouraging. I'm going to schedule a biopsy, hopefully for next week. We also talked about long-term maintenance plan. When we finish this course of chemo, I will be doing one treatment of a targeted drug therapy every 6 weeks for the next 2 years. It has side effects, but not as many as this chemo regiment.

My blood levels all looked really good today. To keep my white blood cell count up, he's ordered me another Neulasta shot for tomorrow afternoon. Yuck. The nurse suggested that I take a pain pill tomorrow evening before the pain starts to see if that makes it more manageable. I'm really not a whimp. It just hurts.

Chemo went well. I love the nurses who take care of me. They are the nicest ladies. Not only are they really good at their jobs, but each of them have great personalities. They also work so well together. I imagine that's not always the situation for 4 women in that type of situation.

As usual, the first few hours after chemo I felt pretty good. Tonight I've noticed a weird feeling in my legs. They kind of feel like noodles. I'm a bit tired and the headache has just hit. I'm going to take a new anti-nausea medicine tonight to see if I can avoid vomiting. It just happens to be one of those things that I like to avoid lately. :)

Let's pray that Ryan and Deborah sleep better tonight than they did last night.

I know I say this often, and I hope it never seems like I'm just repeating myself thoughtlessly, but I truly truly appreciate all of you! I appreciate the prayers, the notes, the meals, the rides, the play dates for the children, the help, the kind words, everything. I appreciate all that you all do. I look forward to serving each of you! My time will come and it may not be much longer. :)

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