Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Tests

I had more tests today. Yesterday they took 12 vials of blood, did an EKG and a chest x ray. Today they did a Mammogram, a CT scan with contrast. Contrast everywhere. Not pleasant. 2 big bottles of barium. Berry flavored barium. But, that wasn't the worst part of the barium. They also did a barium enema. And, the funny little man who had the privilege of doing it, kept snapping his gloves as I was lying down on the scanners bed. Nice. Since he was snapping his gloves, I gave him a hard time about what he must have done to get stuck with that job. I'm sure not all patients are as pleasant as me. haha.

Jana left today to go home. It was so nice of her to drive me down here and to stay with me. She is a neat lady and I really felt privileged to spend so much time with her. Hopefully, you have (at least) one of those friends who just by their example reminds you of all the good things in life, all the really worthwhile things in life. I'm lucky that I have several of those friends. I really am very blessed to have so many amazing people in my life.

Another one of my kind, amazing friends came down from San Antonio to be with me. Michelle went with me for the CT scan. I volunteered to let her go in for the barium enema. I can't believe she didn't take me up on the offer. ;)

Oh, and regarding the mammogram. One word: pancake.

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