Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Johnathon's Nativity

Johnathon has a great Cub Scout Den Leader. Ida Ewing is one of those rare gems who does something super fun and creative each week. Johnathon is always excited to attend and I always look forward to seeing what activity she did.

This week she sent the mom's an email asking for some help with supplies. It seemed she might be planning to make gingerbread houses. Instead she did something even better. Check it out:

Can you see the sheep are made from large marshmallows and black licorice? Joseph & Mary are in the stable? Of course, that's baby Jesus lying in the manger. There's a donkey made from snickers & tootsie rolls & black icing. And a shepherd with a cane. Isn't that clever?

Johnathon was so proud of it and had such a great time! Thanks, Sister Ewing for being so awesome (and patient)!

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