Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another trip to the ER

Ryan's myoclonic seizures have been dramatically increasing all week. When they first started a few months back, we saw maybe one every few days. Then about a month ago, we started seeing them every morning about every 2 minutes for maybe 20 minutes. On Wednesday of this week, he had 31 in just under an hour. On Thursday, he had 43 in 23 minutes. Today ... well, today he had 66 in 22 minutes. (Yes, I documented every single one. Yes, I am that obsessive/compulsive.) Additionally, they used to stop once he was fully awake. In the past few days, they have continued to happen a few times each hour throughout the day.

I called the Neurologist on Wednesday, and his office said he's out of town for 2 weeks. They said if he's having an increase in seizures to either take him to the ER or to the Pediatrician. So, I called my Pediatrician (cause he was no longer having the seizures). He tried to get in touch with the Neurologist, but apparently only the ER could reach him. So he said, they were definitely of concern, and if they continued to increase he'd recommend going to the ER, if for no other reason than to get through to the Neurologist.

So, after today's spike, I took him to the ER. Thankfully, the ER was pretty empty and we were able to get right in. They examined Ryan and found nothing out of his ordinary. So, they called the Neurologist. He asked them to give him a heavy dose of his anti-seizure meds and to send him home with instructions for me to bring him into the office first thing in the morning. Apparently, the Neurologist will be in town tomorrow and will squeeze him in to his schedule.

I really appreciate his willingness to do that. I suspect it will be an exceptionally long day. A scheduled appointment usually takes about 4-6 hours. Tomorrow may be an all day marathon. Maybe I'll take Dwight's cool DVD glasses.... :)

I'll let you know what we learn.

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Jennymae said...

Keep us posted Tina...hugs to you!