Friday, November 20, 2009

So to finish yesterday's update ...

Yesterday I updated you on my Lymphoma. One more update for today... I had the lymph node biopsy this morning. Not fun, but not as bad as a bone marrow biopsy. They did 5 passes and we should have the results by Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully, we'll have them by Tuesday morning when I meet with the 2nd Oncologist.

It's also been strongly recommended that I have the lump on the back of my neck biopsied. At the first meeting with the Oncologist, he passed it off as nothing to worry about. However, since all the other lumps have been Lymphoma, it's recommended that I have that one biopsied as well. Ugh. I wish they could have biopsied everything at one time instead of having to do so many different appointments.

Ryan's Health. Today we rescheduled Ryan's surgery to Tuesday. The pediatric surgeon will be doing a gastrostomy with a fundoplication. There are two types of fundoplications, Nissen and Thal. The surgeon feels we'd have the best success with the Thal fundoplication. That simply means that instead of wrapping the stomach all the way around the esophagus, it will be wrapped partially -- like a C. He will then have a button g-tube. If you click here, you can read a little more and see a picture of a button gastrostomy. I'll post a picture after Ryan gets his.

They will do an incision on Ryan's belly ... a couple of inches long, and he will of course be under heavy sedation. They will give him long-acting pain relief and keep him on an IV for at least 24 hours. Then they will slowly introduce liquids to see how his stomach does with it. Ryan and I will stay at the hospital until he is consuming at least 75% of the calories he should be getting each day. The surgeon said it will be til at least Friday, but they may keep us longer. In the meantime, we'll just continue to work on coaxing him to eat and we'll wait.

Deborah and Johnathon are both running fevers and vomiting today. So, we're keeping Ryan quarantined from them. With as little as he's already eating, I think we'd just end up in the hospital early and having to delay the surgery.

Okay, and finally, another update ... the house. Remember last week when we had a plumbing issue? Well, right after I paid the $360 to the plumber, I sent an email to the owner letting him know that I would just deduct it from December's amount due. He was just glad I had taken care of it and that we weren't without water.

Then I went to the mailbox and received a letter that said ... are you ready for this? ... the house is being foreclosed on December 1st. Yeah, you read that right, and NO I didn't/ wouldn't/ couldn't make up this story. I called the owner and he denied it. Then reminded me that he wanted me to still take $250 off the rent amount for December. "Consider it an early Christmas present." Is that a present to me, or a present to him???

But, there is good news! A friend of ours, who has a house that is completely paid off, would like us to lease her house. I think it's a great fit for our family, and will even be a blessing. I'm hoping we can get through Christmas before we have to move. I'll keep you posted.

I think that's it for now. I have some cute pics of the kids that I need to pull off my phone and off my camera to share with you all. But another day. There's so much that I really would like to get done around the house, but I think I'm going to snuggle up with my little munchkins and enjoy a movie ... and maybe a nap. :)

Thank you for all the yummy food, the phone calls, the emails, the letters, the babysitting, and especially the prayers! I have the best friends in the world and am truly blessed! Love you all!


Liz said...

Tina, just got updated on your blog. I wish I were around to help. Your family is in our prayers.

Lynne Hurley said...

Tina, we're thinking about you often. Keeping you in our prayers.

Lynne Hurley