Monday, May 17, 2010

EEG Follow Up and Neurologist Appointment

Today was our follow up visit with Dr. Seals, the best Neurologist ever. His staff is so good to me. I know they have a tough job. I'm sure it's tough to be the one that has to face patients when he's running hours behind schedule. I just love that they are always so kind to me. They always give me a heads up on how long it's going to be and then they tell me I can leave if I want. But, today I had a movie with me and a book. So, I just waited there. (I'm watching the first season of Columbo. Do you remember that show? I love it!)

Anyway ... I reported that with the increased dosage of Lamictal, Ryan's myoclonic seizure activity has dropped from 20-30 per day to about 9-12 per day. I also talked with him about the choking and the strange repetitive choking-like behavior that seems to proceed the really bad choking episodes. After I described it, he said that it was certainly seizure behavior. We're going to see if getting the seizures under control will help the choking incidents.

Then we looked over Ryan's EEG print out and the report. The overall activity is slower than is typical for Ryan's age. There were also frequent spikes in activity indicating seizure activity. (I thought that was especially interesting because he was asleep for the entire test & did not move. I had assumed that if we weren't seeing any body movements that he wasn't seizing. I guess that was wrong.) The spikes representing the activity on the left side and the right side, while generally occurring at the same time, were not the same, which indicates the need to add an additional medicine. Doesn't sound like the best news from an EEG; however, Dr. Seals assured me that this EEG result was better than the last EEG.

So, we'll add the new medicine and go back to see him for another follow up in a month.

While I was at Dr. Seals' office, I had him complete the necessary paperwork for us to get the plates for handicapped parking. Wow. Life has changed in 2 years. On the paperwork you have to mark whether it's a temporary or permanent need. Additionally, when turning in the paperwork you have to reaffirm whether it's temporary or permanent. Temporary in their terms means 6 months. Sadly, this probably isn't temporary in their terms. That was a little hard to acknowledge.

But on my way home, I thought but it is temporary. I hope Ryan will walk soon. If he doesn't walk it will make life much more challenging for him. I don't want it to be that hard for him. But, I know that Ryan will walk some day. If not here during this earth, then in the eternities. I'm so thankful to know that some day Ryan will be made whole. He will be able to communicate easily. His hands, his legs, his mind will all work perfectly. And, I will sit at his feet and learn from him.

(Ryan seems to be very comfortable in his wheelchair. He typically goes to sleep within 15 minutes or so of being put in the wheelchair. And, it's not his avoidance sleep either. It's a deep, sound sleep.)

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