Friday, January 21, 2011

Disney World ... We're Coming...

Several years ago, it seemed like our kids were always getting a bunch of money for the holidays and for their birthdays, but they NEVER saved a dime. As a way to motivate them to save some money, we wrote out a family budget for a week long fantastic trip to Walt Disney World. Each kid had an amount to save.

We even came up with a "Help Wanted" board where I would post jobs that I was willing to pay to have done. We don't pay our kids for the standard chores ... cleaning their rooms, the kitchen and their bathrooms is part of being a member of our family. But, doing Mom's neurotic cleaning list ... like the baseboards, wiping the window sills, cleaning behind the toilet seats, vacuuming the edges of the room ... well, those things are paid jobs. When they finished a job, they could get their time stamp (a Mickey Mouse of course) which was worth a set amount of money. At the end of the week, each kid turned in their time card & I settled up with each of them. They paid their tithing, put money in the savings and kept what they wanted for spending.

As you can imagine with 6 kids we have some that are savers and some that are spenders. Our oldest is definitely a saver. Once she got the idea of Walt Disney World, she really became focused and soon she had her money saved. The others weren't even close! Dwight and I decided that she shouldn't have to wait for the others. So in 2008 Dwight and Jessica made the first trip to Disney World. It was reported to be fabulous!

Jessica motivated her brother David to start saving his money and he finally did it! So, tomorrow morning David and I will be making our first trip to Walt Disney World. We're super excited. David calls it "geek-ing out." Hmmm.... I wonder if you ever become too old to geek out? :)

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